Nippertown Advertising Rates - September, 2011

NOTE: Not to scale
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Nippertown Advertising Rates - September, 2011

Ad Placement


Price Per
Thousand Impressions

Top Large Square (Upper right hand corner)



Second Large Square (below the Top Large Square)



Large Post Ad
(Directly below the first post on the page)



Random Small Squares: ad placement down the page varies from one page view to the next.

(This allows us to offer inexpensive ads but ensures that no one ad is stuck at the bottom of the page.)



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Getting Started...

How do I see ad prices?

Hover your cursor over one of the colored squares in the image to the left, or click here to see ad prices in a table format.

What's an "Impression"?

Every time someone (other than the editors) visits, it's counted as an impression or pageview.

What does "Price Per Thousand Impressions" mean?

We'll display your ad 1000 times for that price.

How long will my ad run?

How long would you like it run? It's entirely up to you, depending on your budget. If you've got deep pockets, you can ensure that your ad will show up every time someone visits Nippertown. But if you're on a budget,we can space out your ad to rotate with other ads but still run the length of your ad campaign.

Dude, it's confusing. How about some examples?

Yep, web advertising may be hard to wrap your brain around at first. Here's some examples. For simplicity's sake, let's assume we're showing 15,000 pageviews a week and you want to buy a Top Square Ad in the upper right hand corner of the website for 2 weeks.

For exclusive ad placement so your ad shows up every time someone visits Nippertown,

$20 (per thousand impressions) x 30 (thousand impressions) = $600

But if we alternate your ad with someone else's ad, so it only shows up half the time, the cost would be

$20 (per thousand impressions) x 15 (thousand impressions) = $300

If your ad rotates with two other ads, it will show up one third of the time, so the cost would be

$20 (per thousand impressions) x 10 (thousand impressions) = $200

And More Details...

How do I know how many times my ad has been shown?

Each week, you'll receive an automated email from our ad server that shows the number of times your ad was shown each day and the number of times someone clicked on your ad.

You turned down my ad because you're sold out?

Yep, it happens. We have limited advertising space, depending on our page traffic. We have sold out in the past and had to turn down ads that we couldn't supply page views for. This made us sad.

Will I get a refund if you don't supply the pageviews we agreed upon?

Yes. If we have an unforeseen dip in traffic or technical difficulties, you'll get a pro-rated refund.

What if I don't have an ad?

We can design and create an ad for you for free.

Can you customize an advertising campaign for me?

Yes! We can offer exclusive ad placements, special sponsorships and/or ticket giveaways. We'll be happy to work with you to create the right advertising campaign for you. Got a cool idea? Please contact us for some heavy-duty brainstorming.

Do you have a discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes, please contact us for details.

Do you have a discount if I buy in bulk?

Yes, please contact us for details.

Do you support animated GIF ads, video ads or Flash ads?

Not at this time. They tend to annoy our readers.

I bought an ad but I don't see it.

The ads rotate every time someone visits. Your ad may not appear on every page view, but it is there and people are seeing it. Refresh the page a few times and you'll see it.

Can I change my ad once it has gone live?

Yes, we'll happily swap out your current ad for a new ad (within reason) for no additional charge.

Can I suspend my ad and then reinstate it later?

Yes. Please contact us with the details and we will arrange to temporaily suspend your ad.

Why is my ad sometimes near the top and sometimes near the bottom of the ad column?

You have A Random Small Square Ad. This is our experiment in trying to ensure that we have a way for starving artists and musicians to advertise.

These ads appear randomly up and down the page from one page view to the next. Your ad could be at the top of the page on one page view and halfway down on the next. By rotating the ads this way, we can offer a group of inexpensive ads, but also ensure that no one is stuck at the bottom.