Henry Rollins, What Was the First Time You Ever Performed in Public?

November 1st, 2016, 10:00 am by Greg

“It was probably a Jackson 5 song. Me and some other guys in the fourth grade, we sang along to a Jackson 5 seven-inch single in the classroom once. I forget which song it was. It was just three fourth-graders struggling through it.

“As far as sheer performance mode goes, I think the first time I was onstage was with the Bad Brains. HR just handed me the microphone one night, and I forget what I did, but it was probably horrible. There’s actually a tape of it somewhere. Yeah, I have a copy of it, but I’ve never played it.”

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Henry Rollins – singer (Black Flag, the Rollins Band), actor, poet, etc. – takes the stage at The Egg’s Hart Theatre at 8pm on Wednesday (November 2) for a spoken-word evening of timely commentary on the current state of politics, anecdotes on his latest L.A. experiences, a wry sense of humor and his perspective gained from his extensive world travels. Tickets are $25.