Lapalux to Craft an Audio-Visual Spectacle at EMPAC [Berkshire on Stage]

October 4th, 2016, 1:00 pm by Greg

Considered “one of the finest producers of the moment,” London-based electronic musician Lapalux (aka Stuart Howard) will perform at EMPAC at RPI in Troy on Thursday (October 6). Known for cinematic electronic dance music that plays to both the body and imagination, Lapalux will depart from his routine club-style set to craft a special audio-visual spectacle in EMPAC’s Studio 1.

Signed to Flying Lotus’ forward-listening label, Brainfeeder, Lapalux has released two full-length records, including 2015’s Lustmore. Inspired by “hypnagogia,” the transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep, the album evokes a liminal world populated by enigmatic characters and plotlines. Stylistically, the music blends elements of R&B and IDM with glitched-out hip-hop beats, woozy synthesizers and soulful vocal samples, characteristic of the Los Angeles “beat scene.”

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