Hump Day Unusual Moment

June 29th, 2016, 11:00 am by Greg

A HUMP DAY CLASSIC: I remember loaning the Lol Coxhill album Ear of the Beholder to Lin Brehmer so he could play “I Am the Walrus” on his original Hump Day Unusual Moment on WQBX-FM WQBK-FM. Not sure if I ever got the album back from him. Haven’t heard this song since then… until now.

This one’s for you, Lin…

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3 thoughts on “Hump Day Unusual Moment”

  1. Wailin says:

    Wasn’t it WQBK? Or is my memory fading …

  2. Greg says:

    Of course, you’re right. I have no idea where that X came from, unless it jumped off of Brehmer’s current radio home, WXRT-FM…

  3. Wailin says:

    Ha! Loved that station and all the personalities. Cutting edge stuff at the time and a lot of fun.

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