The National Plays Benefit Concert @ MASS MoCA on Saturday

June 10th, 2016, 1:00 pm by Greg

What do art, music, education and agriculture have in common? This weekend, the common denominator will be the band The National, who perform at MASS MoCA’s Joe Field in North Adams at 7pm on Saturday (June 11) for their only Northeast headline show of 2016. All proceeds from the concert benefit Hawthorne Valley Association in Ghent and MASS MoCA.

If you ask Aaron Dessner, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter for The National, he’ll tell you that art, music, education, and agriculture — yes, agriculture — offer fertile ground for creativity and that the encouragement and support of these endeavors lay the groundwork for a healthy community.

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“It’s pretty clear that our country and the world in general needs positive pro-social and environmentally responsible change — and people and communities transform through the creative process. So it stands to reason that if we encourage creativity, we can instigate these kinds of changes — maybe even change the world,” says Dessner.

He continues, “We saw this concert as an opportunity to support two organizations that are doing good, creative work in service of both their immediate communities and the community at large. Each supports creativity and independent thinking which are vital to the development of innovative solutions. The work that MASS MoCA is doing to highlight visionary art and artists, and that Hawthorne Valley is engaged in — biodynamics, scientific research and Waldorf education — positively impacts the health of their communities, and ultimately the well-being of our children, our families and the planet as a whole. It is work we feel the need to support in any way we can.”