The Name Game: Country Singers

April 20th, 2016, 3:00 pm by Greg

OK, maybe you remember Jessi Colter’s big 1975 hit song “I’m Not Lisa.” Of course, she wasn’t Lisa, but her name wasn’t really Jessi, either. Do you know Jessi Colter’s real name?

The Palace Theatre is hosting the Next Women of Country Tour 2016 at 8pm on Friday (April 22) featuring Jennifer Nettles and Brandy Clark with Lindsay Ell and Tara Thompson. And, yes, those are all their real names. But it wasn’t all that long ago that it was a common practice for country music singers to adopt a stage name.

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Can you match the country music stars with their birth names?

1. Donna Fargo             A. Roberta Streeter
2. Patsy Cline             B. Virginia Pugh 
3. Faith Hill              C. Sarah Colley  
4. Shania Twain            D. Christina Ciminella  
5. Wynonna Judd            E. Jeanne Stephenson
6. Kitty Wells             F. Yvonne Vaughan 
7. Tammy Wynette           G. Audrey Perry
8. Crystal Gayle           H. Ellen Deason
9. Skeeter Davis           I. Dorothy Marsh
10. Bobby Gentry           J. Brenda Webb
11. Minnie Pearl           K. Virginia Hensley
12. Dottie West            L. Eileen Edwards
13. Jeannie C. Riley       M. Mary Penick
14. Jessi Colter           N. Miriam Johnson

Here are the answers to the quiz: 1-F, 2-K, 3-G, 4-L, 5-D, 6-H, 7-B, 8-J, 9-M, 10-A, 11-C, 12-I, 13-E, 14-N…

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