Other Voices, Other Rooms…

From Harper’s Magazine: A very tasty feature package on one of our very favorite singer-songwriters, Jill Sobule, and her marvelous new album, Dottie’s Charms, that finds her collaborating with a number of A-list authors. Including an album stream, artwork, lyrics, videos and more… From Democracy Now!: Performance artists/political satirists/activists the Yes Men stuck again last week… From 7 Inches: Jason reviews the new vinyl single from Saratoga Springs’ band Party Boat, which also happens to be the debut release from JetPack records. From Michael Janairo: “Angela and the Scar,” a short story by the former Albany Times Union arts and entertainment editor, is being published in the anthology, “Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History,” on Friday (May 9). Michael Janairo’s fictional tale tells the story of a young girl in a northern province of the Philippines in 1900 who is helped by a forest spirit during the war between the U.S. and the Philippines. From Metroland: After a hiatus, Ton Lokal returns with the musical meanderings of uber-fan Tim Reidy. From Bandcamp: Skidmore College student Lisa Fierstein wrote and recorded “Mobile Life,” a song inspired by two works of art from the group exhibition “Classless Society,” at the Tang Museum earlier this year. From Crispina: Earlier this year, Pittsfield’s Crispina ffrench, who describes herself as “a used clothing alchemist,” had a couple of tubs of scrap material that she offered for free online in exchange for documentation of how the scraps were used. Here are the results… From The Troy Record: Lauren Halligan’s story on Albany’s Alive at Five concert series smartly puts the emphasis on Local 518 bands. From Long Story Short: Wanda Calagy reviews “‘Bout Time,” the debut solo album from bluesman John Gillespie.

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