Valentine’s Music Hall: The Final Countdown…

February 5th, 2014, 12:00 pm by Greg

Valentine's Music Hall
The end of Valentine’s Music Hall has been comin’ for months, and now it’s finally here… Valentine’s won’t make it to Valentine’s Day.

As of Sunday (February 9), that little rock ‘n’ roll “no pepper” zone will be no more. Over the years, we’ve had lots of great times there, both onstage and off, upstairs and downstairs, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. But we’re not gonna wail and weep and gnash our teeth about the final closing of the doors at Valentine’s. Really, we’re not. 17 New Scotland Avenue is just a building. It’s not the heart of Valentine’s, which is being transplanted to the Low Beat on Albany’s Central Avenue.

And besides, there’s still four more nights of good rockin’ left at good old Valentine’s. So here’s the schedule for your last chance to say good-bye to one of Nippertown’s all-time great rock ‘n’ roll havens:

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TONIGHT (Wednesday, February 5), 10pm: The Deadbeats
THURSDAY (February 6), 8pm: The Grassroots Rebels with Bill Gilbert
FRIDAY (February 7), 8pm: Slowshine with Secret Release and Bear Grass
SATURDAY (February 9), 9pm: Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned and the Parlor

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Music Hall: The Final Countdown…”

  1. tim says:

    Europe would have perfect for this week. !

  2. Greg says:

    I didn’t want to go there, Tim, but I knew that somebody would. Sorry it had to be you…

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