CH-CH-CH-CHANGES: Saturday’s Elvis Birthday Bash Changes Venues

January 10th, 2014, 9:00 am by Greg
Mark Gamsjager, Jason Smay and Ian Carlton

Mark Gamsjager, Jason Smay and Ian Carlton

Photograph by Kirsten Ferguson

Veteran rockabilly rebels Mark Gamsjager & the Lustre Kings are in the midst of their annual Elvis Birthday Bash tour – last night they were at the Rodeo Bar in NYC and tonight they’re rockin’ at Roxy & Duke’s Rockabilly Roadhouse in New Jersey – and a batch of special guests have been joining in the Presley Party at all of the stops along the road.

The Lustre Kings return home to Nippertown this weekend for their final Local 518 date on the Elvis Birthday Bash tour, but as you may recall, Saturday night’s shindig (January 11) was originally slated to take place at Daisy Baker’s in Troy. Sadly, a fire wreaked serious devastation at Daisy Baker’s in mid-December UPDATE: Flooding from a burst water pipe wreaked serious devastation at Daisy Baker’s in mid-November, and the restaurant/nightspot has yet to re-open its doors. (All good wishes to Daisy Baker’s, and we hope to see you back in action soon…)

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Fortunately vocalist-guitarslinger Gamsjager and his myriad cohorts have found a new home for Saturday’s Elvis Extravaganza. The gig will take place at Franklin’s Tower in Albany at 8pm. Admission is FREE. And bring your dancin’ shoes…

2 thoughts on “CH-CH-CH-CHANGES: Saturday’s Elvis Birthday Bash Changes Venues”

  1. Frank says:

    actually it was a broken water pipe that damaged Daisy Baker’s still a tragic set back for the business, hopefully they’ll be up and running soon.

  2. Greg says:

    Thanks for the correction Frank. Not only did I get the fire/water thing wrong, but I was a month off on my timeline, too. No idea what was in my coffee when I wrote this…

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