LIVE: Ariana Gillis @ Caffe Lena, 12/31/13

January 7th, 2014, 11:15 am by Greg

Blurb and video by Joel Patterson

“The spike on my head is supposed to be there,” platinum blonde Ariana Gillis cautioned the First Night Saratoga crowd at Caffe Lena on New Year’s Eve. Her hairstyle accent might be a gimmick, but this darling and cheerful girl had no need for a wrecking ball, and never will, I reckon. Her forthright, brilliant songwriting, effortless sincerity and lilting, beaming voice is more than enough to capture and hold your attention.

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She’s a cute girl, but there’s something here that goes way beyond skin deep: a pure and compelling musical artistry, which – admit it – is pretty damn rare…

3 thoughts on “LIVE: Ariana Gillis @ Caffe Lena, 12/31/13”

  1. Frieda says:

    I kinda hate it whenever a male writer writes “She’s a cute girl, but…”

  2. Dan Plunkett says:

    I am sorry I was not able to attend this event because Ariana Gillis is one of the best performers you will ever see. Somebody told me she is a firecracker on stage; I phoned him the day after I first saw her live and told the guy he had lied because she is an atomic bomb. Her songs all have meaning and she gives me hope for the future. Her father is a great musician as his Ben – he may be the perfect drummer for her music. It looks like Russ on bass – and that is never bad.

    I hope to see them again soon.

  3. Denise says:

    Love Ariana…entire family knows all her songs by heart. Saw all her local performances!! Can’t wait for next CD!!! Kind and down to earth performer!!!

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