Britney Spears’ Music to Tell the Story of Jesus Christ. On Broadway. [Berkshire on Stage]

November 4th, 2013, 12:00 pm by Sara

The Gospel According to Britney

An opera that chronicles the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as told through the music of Britney Spears? Is this Broadway project the greatest story ever told set to the greatest music ever written? Well, there are precedents. The Last Goodbye – a musical version of Romeo and Juliet that began in Williamstown and just closed in San Diego – was set to the music of Jeff Buckley. We are curious, and imagine you might be, too. So here’s the press release:

Britney Spears has met the Bible. SPEARS is an original musical that chronicles the life of Jesus Christ, telling the story through the hit music of Britney Spears. Creator Patrick Blute, 23, and the SPEARS creative team are holding a reading on Thursday (November 7) in Studio A of the Foxwoods Theater. The musical tugs at the heartstrings of America’s lost twenty-somethings, calling on familiar hits such as “Stronger,” “One More Time” and “Crazy,” to describe the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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