LIVE: O+ Festival in Kingston, 10/13/13 (Day Three)

October 29th, 2013, 4:00 pm by Sara
Spiritualized (photograph by Timothy Reidy)


Photographs by Timothy Reidy

Featuring more than 40 musical acts, the fourth annual O+ Festival was held earlier this month over the course of three days at a number of different locations throughout Kingston. That’s O+, as in “O positive,” the blood type. It’s a unique festival of art, music and wellness, wherein artists barter their visual or musical talents directly for medical, dental and other health services from art-loving health care providers.

And the idea is catching on. Building on the success in Kingston, the O+ Festival will set up shop in San Francisco next month…

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LIVE: O+ Festival in Kingston, 10/12/13 (Day Two)

Bright Siders and Friends (photograph by Timothy Reidy)

Bright Siders and Friends

And The Kids (photography by Timothy Reidy)

And The Kids

Luminal (photo by Timothy Reidy)


Kristen Andreasson (photo by Timothy Reidy)

Kristen Andreasson

Ex Cops (photo by Timothy Reidy)

Ex Cops

Nature Films

Nature Films

Spiritualized (photography by Timothy Reidy)