The Name Game: Valentine’s II? Cagney’s II…

October 10th, 2013, 11:00 am by Greg


As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, Valentine’s Music Hall is being forced to shutter its doors soon to make way for Albany Medical Center’s redevelopment of the Park South neighborhood. But never fear, Valentine’s owner Howard Glassman is committed to keep live music alive, and he’ll soon be opening a new nightspot at the former bar Cagney’s on Albany’s Central Avenue.

Glassman still hasn’t decided on a name for his new music venue, though. Or if he has, he isn’t telling anyone about it yet. He may ultimately keep the name Valentine’s, but he just might give the club a brand new name, so we thought we’d give him a few suggestions to help him decide…

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The House o’ Howe?

The No Pepper Pub?

Shea Stadium?

What do you think Glassman should name his new club?

14 thoughts on “The Name Game: Valentine’s II? Cagney’s II…”

  1. sandy mcknight says:


  2. tim says:

    33and a third

  3. Dan says:


  4. glenn says:

    Club WTF

  5. Eric Halder says:

    Howe’s Cavern

  6. Paul says:

    Call the place Pepper, but make sure that the stage says No Pepper.

  7. Greg says:

    The Coal Palace

  8. LP says:

    HG Scotts

  9. LP says:

    Glass House

  10. Shmetroland
    International Blotto Fan Club
    Valentine’s South
    Howe’s Cavern
    Chartock Budokan

  11. Fred says:

    1) No Pepper

    2) Gravy Fries

    3) The Coal Palace

  12. Mike H says:

    Ooh, I like the Coal Palace, Fred, nice one. Don’t think Coal Palace King Howard would do it though.

  13. Martyn says:

    Dugan’s Dive.

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