HOT READS: Nippertown’s Top 10 Stories of the Week

September 13th, 2013, 2:00 pm by Greg

Yes, yes, yes, we know…

We’ve heard all of the complaints that some of you simply don’t have the time to read all of the news as fast as we write it.

So for all of you casual once-or-twice-a-week readers, here’s a summary of the Top 10 most-viewed stories from Nippertown in the past week:

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1. The Egg Announces Three New Concerts (by Staff)

2. Festival Fever: Jazz at the Lake @ Shepard Park, Lake George (by J Hunter, Rudy Lu)

3. Comin’ Soon: New Concert Announcements (by Staff)

4. LarkFest Announces Line-Up of Bands (by Staff)

5. MCLA Announces Its Fall Concert Schedule (by Staff)

6. Old Songs Announces Fall Concert Schedule (by Staff)

7. LIVE: Saratoga Blues Celebration @ Stockade Imports, 8/31/13 (by Timothy Reidy)

8. Festival Fever: Zombies Rejoice as FantaCon Returns! (by Staff)

9. LIVE: Harx @ River Street Pub, 8/28/13 (by Timothy Reidy)

10. (TIE) Five Firsts: Terry Adams of NRBQ (by Staff, Kirsten Ferguson)
Steve Katz Remembers “Teenage Barn” (by Greg Haymes)