LIVE: Capital District Scottish Games @ Altamont Fairgrounds, 8/31/13

September 3rd, 2013, 4:00 pm by Greg
Caber toss

The object of the caber toss is to get the caber to flip over completely and land directly in front of the thrower at exactly 12 o’clock (straight on from the thrower’s position). That’s considered a perfect throw.

Photographs by Michael Seinberg
Additional photograph by Meg Seinberg-Hughes

Bagpipe bands

Over 30 pipe bands took part in this year’s massed bands performance. Not everyone appreciates that many bagpipes in one place.

Bagpipe bands

This view gives you a sense of the precision work and skill that goes into having hundreds of musicians march and play together.

Canine agility competition

Canine agility competition is just one of the events at the Scottish Games. Here, one of the competitors sails easily over an obstacle. (photo by Meg Seinberg-Hughes)


A dance competition as well as exhibitions are a featured event
at the Scottish Games. These girls were doing a demo on the fair’s main stage prior to the opening ceremonies.

The caber toss

The caber toss is one of the major events of the athletics competition. Some of the cabers can exceed 17 feet in length and weigh over 80 pounds.

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