POP Quiz: Movies & Music – Match the Actors to Their Ax

April 30th, 2013, 12:00 pm by Greg

By Greg Haymes
A JazzApril Story

We’ve been watching a lot of marvelous, old black and white movies lately. And last week we watched “Look Back in Anger,” a classic British gem from the ’50s in which Richard Burton plays a bitter jazz musician stuck in a menial retail job. Which got us to thinkin’…

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So in honor of Jazz Appreciation Month, we thought it might be fun to offer a JAZZ JUMBLE – a mix & match, movies & music quiz. We’ll give you the actor’s name and the title of the movie in which he portrays a jazz musician. You tell us what instrument the actor “plays” in the film.

Got it? Here we go…

1. Richard Burton in “Look Back in Anger”
2. Frank Sinatra in “The Man With the Golden Arm”
3. Martin Milner in “Sweet Smell of Success”
4. Paul Newman in “Paris Blues”
5. Sean Penn in “Sweet & Lowdown”
6. Kirk Douglas in “Young Man With a Horn”
7. Forest Whitaker in “Bird”
8. Lee Marvin in “Pete Kelly’s Blues”
9. Wesley Snipes in “Mo’ Better Blues”
10. Richard Gere in “The Cotton Club”
11. Sammy Davis Jr. in “A Man Called Adam”
12. Burgess Meredith in “Second Chorus”

We’ll post the answers on Thursday…