Be Here Now: It’s a Feelies Fest @ BSP Lounge, 1/19/13

January 16th, 2013, 1:21 pm by Greg

Q: When are the Feelies not the Feelies?

A: When they take the stage at the BSP Lounge in Kingston on Saturday night.

That’s right, it’s a Feelies Fest for fans of the Hoboken indie rock vets, even though the Feelies aren’t officially on the bill. The triple-header evening will be headlined by Yung Wu, a band that’s basically a re-shuffled incarnation of the Feelies – with percussionist Dave Weckerman stepping up to take over the lead vocal chores.

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Also on the bill is East of Venus, which features Bongos bassist Rob Norris and Winter Hours guitarist Michael Carlucci as well as Feelies front man Glenn Mercer and drummer Stan Demeski. Opening the show is Wild Carnation, which includes Feelies bassist Brenda Sauter.

Showtime is 8pm on Saturday (January 19), and admission is $10.