Hot Reads: Nippertown’s Top 10 Stories of the Week

May 18th, 2012, 3:30 pm by Greg

Yes, we know…

We’ve heard complaints that some of you just don’t have the time to read as fast as we write it.

So for the casual reader, here’s a summary of the Top 10 most-viewed stories from Nippertown in the past week:

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1. The Egg Announces Four More New Concerts (by Staff)

2. Comin’ Soon… (by Staff)

3. LIVE: J.B. Scott’s Reunion @ Michael’s Banquet House, 5/5/12 (by Fred Rudofsky, Stanley Johnson, Gene Sennes)

4. Real Good for Free: Upbeat On the Roof @ Tang Museum (by Staff, Timothy Reidy)

5. LIVE: The Felice Brothers & Eastbound Jesus @ Jillian’s, 5/11/12 (by Martin Benjamin)

6. Real Good for FREE: Skidmore Jazz Institute Concert Series (by Staff)

7. LIVE: The Ed Palermo Big Band @ the Falcon, 5/11/12 (by Rudy Lu)

8. Who’s Playing at the Empire State Plaza for the Fourth of July? (by Staff)

9. Five Firsts: Michael Cooney (by Staff)

10. The Upstate Concert Hall? Really? (by Staff)