LIVE: Fear of Strangers @ J.B. Scott’s Reunion, 5/5/12

May 7th, 2012, 10:00 am by Greg

Video by Real George

LIVE: Fear of Stangers @ J.B. Scott’s Reunion, 5/5/12 (Bonus Track!) at Nippertown
Were-You-Seen-At photographs by Anne-Marie Sheehan at The Times Union
Chuck Miller’s review and photographs at Chuck Miller

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8 thoughts on “LIVE: Fear of Strangers @ J.B. Scott’s Reunion, 5/5/12”

  1. Mr. Eck says:

    Wow! Real George shooting video. It really is the 80s all over again!

  2. Greg says:

    No, it’s not really the ’80s. Real George shot this vid on his phone…

  3. Mr. Eck says:

    Yeah, but it’s still Real George, and only Nippertown knows that truly being a man about town he was enjoying a downtown nosh at The Better Bite on Saturday afternoon before the reunion.

  4. Susan Hales says:

    Living in New Paltz at the time, I’d only been to JB Scott’s once during its heyday. Hearing most of these bands for the first time at the reunion, with the exception of The Last Conspirator’s who I’ve seen many action-packed times : ) Hi Tim! “Hi Al”…Fear of Strangers, love that band name, finally seeing you live was a blast! Kudos to All the Albany Bands! & Thanks for a VERY Entertaining evening!!!

  5. Rose says:

    Thank you for shooting this video and for posting this. Friends who could not be there will really appreciate this!
    Thank you to all the bands that played! It was a BLAST from the past for sure! Wonderful full-moon evening of music!

  6. Real George says:

    Mike – Don’t give away all my culinary secrets.
    You missed a fun night. I fit right in with my grey hair. Still wore black.

    Yeah, video shot on a phone, uploaded to a cloud TV station, bounced back down and picked up by a rock-n-roll god to be distributed via a magazine which doesn’t even have a physical form but is read worldwide (in multiple languages if you’d like) on demand, all at the touch of a button… I could never have imagined this when you and I were sitting with Clive Pig or Billy Bragg, but it is true. All of it.

  7. LP says:

    Highly enjoyable….thanks to all….

  8. val haynes says:

    just wanna thank EVERYONE for coming. It was a magical night.

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