New Concert at The Egg! A REALLY BIG One…

April 23rd, 2012, 11:21 am by Greg


The Egg in Albany has just added a real whopper of a concert!

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The benefit concert “New Yorkers Against Fracking: An Urgent Call to Action” will be held at The Egg at 7pm on Tuesday, May 15, co-hosted by actors Mark Ruffalo and Academy Award winner Melissa Leo.

Among the musicians slated to perform at the all-star benefit concert are:

Yoko Ono UPDATE: Just minutes after the concert was announced, it was also announced that Yoko Ono has cancelled her appearance.
Medeski, Martin & Wood
Natalie Merchant
Citizen Cope
The Felice Brothers
Joan Osborne
Tracy Bonham
Toshi Reagon
Dan Zanes
The Horse Flies
The Ahkwesasne Women Singers

Tix are now on sale to the general public. Tix prices are $150 & $40; seniors and students $20.

6 thoughts on “New Concert at The Egg! A REALLY BIG One…”

  1. Tricia says:

    Got my tix on Saturday! Can’t wait!… And such an important cause too… My Brother lives in Stone Ridge and is being solicited to lease some of his land to the gas companies… So scary

  2. DeeVee says:

    managed to snag a couple tix middle row B: evidently quick announcement – no pre-notification received for Egg members. (Hint- if ordering online- select ‘right front’ or ‘left front’, otherwise the
    ‘best available’ center options offered are already back to row N

  3. Mike says:

    Scored tix in the pitt, but with all those performers, I hope Natalie sings for more than just a half hour or so!

  4. Caroline MotherJudge says:

    And if you like this song, “Sally Ann,” you should see the Horseflies. They wrote it.

  5. Alice Smith Duncan says:

    If Ono cancelled, the $$ seems less realistic… why not drop it $25-50, and let more people attend (and ultimately raise more $$$ for the cause)?

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