Tribute to Ernie Williams: Live & In Concert on WAMC-FM

March 29th, 2012, 10:10 am by Greg
Ernie Williams

Ernie Williams

In tribute to the late Ernie Williams, who passed away last week, WAMC-FM will air a special broadcast of “Live at The Linda” in honor of the beloved blues musician who earned the well-deserved honorary title of Albany’s Ambassador of the Blues.

The two-hour radio special will be broadcast at 8pm on Saturday (March 31), featuring the live recording of the most recent of Williams’ annual Birthday Bashes at The Linda in Albany, which took place on February 4 – just a month before the legendary bluesman passed away.

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Not only will the broadcast feature one of the final performances of Ernie Williams’ long and storied musical career, but it will also include behind the scenes interview clips from Ernie’s friends and musical collaborators – including Woodstock guitarslinger David Malachowski, former guitarist Mark Emanatian and WRGB-TV’s news anchor Greg Floyd.

WAMC-FM announcer (and a musician himself) Ray Graf, who hosts the special broadcast, says, “Ernie was a friend of mine and, really, he was a friend to everybody who played music or just loved listening to it.”

Tune in to WAMC-FM at 90.3 FM on your dial (click here for other station broadcast frequencies on the WAMC broadcast network) or online (click here to stream).

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