LIVE: Maurizio, Casey J. Chapman & Peggy Lecuyer @ the Ale House, 2/19/12

March 2nd, 2012, 2:00 pm by Greg

Video by Joel Patterson

It’s a triple play…

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Something about the Ale House in Troy defies the laws of physics. On an evening when it’s jam-packed with people, and the band starts cooking, the cozy little place seems enormous. There’s also some force field that draws the cream of the local music community there, weekend after weekend, for brilliant and innovative jam sessions. Maybe it’s just a special corner of the universe where the food is excellent, the selection of ales is mind-boggling, and the waitstaff is attentive and just a little bit sassy. Last Sunday was Songwriter’s Night, and Maurizio delivered his anthem “Sugarcane,” Casey J. Chapman did a heartwarming “People Get Ready” and Peggy Lecuyer whipped up the crowd with her “Rain,” an ode to moving on joyfully, whatever life’s sorrows.