Flashback Foto: Name the Band! Win a Prize!

December 22nd, 2011, 4:00 pm by Greg
Flashback Foto

Alas, there was no winner in last week’s contest.

But now it’s Thursday again, so you’ve got another chance because we’re launching the FLASHBACK FOTO contest once again. As usual, we went digging, digging, digging through the vast underground Nippertown archive bunker to unearth yet another fabulous band promo photo from years gone by.

Thanks to the fine folks at the Spectrum 8 Theatres in Albany, we’re giving away a FREE PAIR OF MOVIE PASSES to the 5th commenter who correctly identifies this band. Please keep in mind that all of the weekly Flashback Fotos are of local Nippertown bands of yesteryear, which should help steer you away from guesses like She & Him, Dino, Desi & Billy or Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich.

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To make it fair, comments on this post won’t show up until we announce the winner on Monday (or Tuesday) afternoon. One comment per person, please, and be sure to leave your correct, working email address, too. We won’t publish it, but we’ll use it to contact you if you win. Good luck! Unfortunately, we didn’t get a winner this week, despite the fact that we were willing to accept a number of different band names – including Rage of the Sage, Mystery Ranch, Peyote Coyote and also Bayou Coyote. Let’s try to do better this Thursday, please…

6 thoughts on “Flashback Foto: Name the Band! Win a Prize!”

  1. Bert Pagano says:

    The Unknown Blues Band.

  2. Jeffrey Stalker says:

    Sometimes coal sometimes broccoli

  3. Normando says:

    The Jeff Foxworthy Four

  4. Rich says:

    Al Borland & Friends

  5. martyn says:

    the Dad’s (plus one Mom)?

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