Welcome to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame…

December 7th, 2011, 9:45 am by Greg

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced the Class of 2012 inductees:

Guns N’ Roses

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Beastie Boys

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Laura Nyro


The Small Faces/The Faces

Don’t know about you, but we are absolutely thrilled at the possibility of Slash, Ron Wood, Flea and Ad-Rock crashing their way through the classic “Atlantis.” Gonna be a showstopper…

And just in case you’ve forgotten, these are the folks who were on the ballot, but didn’t manage to garner enough votes: Donna Summer, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Heart, Rufus with Chaka Khan, Eric B. & Rakim, War, the Cure and the Spinners. Better luck next time, folks…

The 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies will be held in Cleveland on Saturday, April 14.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame…”

  1. Roger Green says:

    Interesting thing that happened with Freddie King. He was on the ballot, but got selected as an ‘early influence’.

  2. J Hunter says:

    For once, there’s nobody on the ballot that I can say got Jobbed. War was an amazing group, and the Cure made some terrific sounds in their day, but I wouldn’t put them ahead of anybody who got in this year. I agree with Roger, though. Freddie King deserved to get in, but not through a loophole.

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