Be Here Now: TEDxAlbany 2 @ The Linda, 11/12/11

November 11th, 2011, 1:00 pm by Greg
TEDx Albany 2011

TEDxAlbany – the local, independently produced spin-off of the popular TED series – is coming back for its second annual session at The Linda in Albany on Saturday (November 12).

The day-long conference of speakers aims to present a full day of information, inspiration and entertainment with a wide variety of speakers sharing ideas. The conference kicks off with an open house and breakfast from 8:30-9pm, followed by four sessions of speakers. Tix are $75 for the entire day; $37.50 for students.

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Joel Goodman: “Prevent Hardening of the Attitudes: Survive AND Thrive with the Positive Power of Humor”
Doug Bartow: “29 Things Young Designers Need to Know”
Doug Lapham: “Talking About Performance”
Kristen VanGinhoven: “The Art of Double Philanthropy – Using Theatre to Help Women and Girls”

Jeremy Snyder: “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe”
David P. Miranda: “How Intellectual Property Powers Economic Growth”
Jodi Smits Anderson: “There Is Only One Wrong Answer”
Dr. John Delano: NASA Astrobiology program

Cindy Parrish: “Heroic Girlz: The Heroic Journey of Female Adolescence”
Lisa Barone: “What Stuttering Taught Me About Running A Business”
Nick Webb: “Social Robotics for Computer Education”
Kes Sampanthar: “Motivational DNA”

Christopher Chabris: “The Invisible Gorilla”
Sarah Gordon: “Marketing for the Future of Small Family Farms”
Patti Vitale: MindUP, Head of Brown School
Jim Snack: “The Magic of Change”

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  1. Any recommendations on what “not to miss” at TEDxAlbany?

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