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November 4th, 2011, 2:00 pm by Sara

What have I not written about innovative humorist Dirck Toll? At first I started writing this commentary on his most recent offering entitled Over Head: Innovative Humorist Dirck Toll Presents A Show of Two-Word Titles (Except This One) without looking at anything I had written previously – and that was going quite well – until I did happen to glance at one of my older reviews and realized I was repeating myself. So I figured I had better take the opposite approach and read everything I had ever written about Toll before taking a second stab at this piece.

In May 2006 I wrote:

‘…someplace between the twin extremes of Artifice and Edifice…’ lies the writing of Dirck Toll.

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He’s a… monologist. He’s like a stand-up comic only there’s more of a story. And he’s funny, its not that he’s not funny, he’s very funny, but he’s not a stand-up comic. Maybe he’s a performance artist, except his art is his writing and his delivery. Like an actor. He is acting, but he’s alone on the stage so he plays all the parts. When there are parts. Which there aren’t always…

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