Jane Grey, International Woman of Mystery

October 28th, 2011, 12:06 pm by Greg

Jane Grey

Jane Grey

There is a new pop star in town… Jane Grey.

You’re more likely to have seen her than heard her. Jane’s ultra-feminine fashion style – a kind of retro-modern Audrey Hepburn sensibility – has insured that her face popped out of the crowds at recent high-profile openings at CAC Woodside and the Foundry. Her only scheduled live performance date was slated to be a flash concert at the ill-fated July 16 show at SwordPaw HQ, which was unfortunately cut short by order of the Troy Fire Department.

Jane recognizes a trend seen in the works of other pop stars – including Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Adele – to be in-part art directors with their costume and music video choices. Jane considers her music and her videos to be art with an intentionally minimalist approach that more strongly connects to her audience.

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The influences and references to contemporary art in her music videos led to the choice of a Troy Night Out gallery venue for her coming out party tonight. So amid an exhibition of artworks at a pop-up gallery space at 252 River Street in Troy, Jane Grey will host a release party for her debut single and music video, “Urban Princess,” from 6-9pm tonight. Admission is free.

Story and photograph by Matt Mac Haffie

4 thoughts on “Jane Grey, International Woman of Mystery”

  1. Michael Eck says:

    I hope I’ll be made to eat my words, but, oh, please.

  2. Jenny Hewitt says:

    Listened to the CD… TOTALLY not was I expecting. After getting over the initial shock, i found myself laughing out loud. Witty and fun!

  3. Mr. Reidy says:

    I listed to the cd and hated it if it was supposed to be just a one minute
    song that was about a test, than I did not like that.

  4. Pop culture has been waiting for this refreshing response to itself. Hilarious, melodic, and artistic. I can’t get this song out of my head and I don’t mind. Jane is forcing us to question what we define as a song and what we dub as audibly acceptable. With the voice of a fairytale princess combined with the sounds of the urban terrain she has made an instant classic. She has successfully tested the airwaves! I can’t wait for the real thing! When is her next single release? Will she be releasing an album? http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialJaneGrey Any news on when her next youtube video comes out? CAN’T WAIT!!! THANKS JANE!!!

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