Bad Timing at the Palace Theatre

October 28th, 2011, 11:04 am by Greg

There’s been a bit of confusion with the starting times of concerts at the Palace Theatre in Albany lately.

I’m not sure what’s happening down at the Palace these days, but it seems as though they’re operating in their own private time zone. It’s not just a one-time mix-up, either.

At last month’s concert by Stone Temple Pilots, the tickets and press releases indicated that the concert would start at 7:30pm, although the theater’s website listed an 8pm start time. (Didn’t matter much, as the concert didn’t begin until 8:30pm, anyway.)

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Earlier this month, advertisements and tickets for the Weird Al Yankovic show were printed with a 7pm start time, but the theater’s website said 8pm. (It turned out to be 8pm.)

Last night’s Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman concert was caught up in a similar bit of time warp. Press releases indicated a 7:30pm start, but the theater’s website said 8pm. Some print ads for the show said 7:30pm, while others said 8pm. And adding to the confusion, the theater’s Facebook page said 7:30pm here, but 8pm here.

Really, how difficult can it be to get these things co-ordinated?

2 thoughts on “Bad Timing at the Palace Theatre”

  1. michael eck says:

    On Oct. 15, Periphery started its opening set for Dream Theater 15 minutes before the time listed on the tickets.

  2. Mr. Reidy says:

    You hope honesty is the best policy for setting up fine events, as you paid good money to see act play when they say they are. Excessive waiting is no fun.

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