Next At EMPAC: “The White Room” Myth-Making Pop Music With Francis and The Lights [Berkshire on Stage]

October 26th, 2011, 10:00 am by Sara
Francis and The Lights: The White Room

American culture has been defined by pop music. It’s who we are — and our pop stars must cultivate a persona, a delicate balance of conscious mythmaking and absolute earnest humanity. Beneath its commercial surface, there is a depth of artistry that most people remain totally oblivious about. For the adventurous, there is always more to be discovered. I think Francis and the Lights is about to happen as more and more open minded music explorers embrace their cross-disciplinary concepts and creations.

Checking out Francis and the Lights – who are coming up at EMPAC at RPI in Troy, NY on October 28-29, – it was hard to put a finger on just what was so appealing and mesmerizing about the group. Their combination of music, stage presence and underlying artistry is simply unique. Then I hit on this great quote from Stone (aka Winston Ford) who is the creator of The Couch Sessions, the premier online destination for alternative urban music and culture.

“Brooklyn’s Francis and the Lights might just be one of the best bands around right now, but they’re still on sleeper status with the non-tastemaker public. His combination of indie rock with old school 80s RnB was enough for Drake to take notice and add him on his last national tour. Again, I’ve been pleading with y’all for two years not to sleep on this band. They’re gonna blow up one day.” – Couch

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What’s coming up is a spectacle called The White Room, an unexpected pop music experiment by reclusive singer, songwriter, and pianist Francis Farewell Starlite. He is in residence at EMPAC, and while this is not the sort of show that they normally offer, you can always expect the unexpected from RPI.

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