CANCELLED: Hanson @ Northern Lights Tonight

October 12th, 2011, 12:21 pm by Greg

Looks like you’re gonna have to “MmmBop” all by yourself tonight…

Hanson has cancelled their concert that was scheduled to take place at Northern Lights in Clifton Park tonight.

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The band also cancelled last night’s show in Portland, Maine, due to Taylor Hanson’s illness.

Here’s the official word from Zac Hanson, posted on the band’s website last night:

“It was really hard for us to cancel tonight’s show, but we never want to play a concert knowing we are not able to put on a really great show.

We have all been sick off and on this tour, it is just part of what you deal with when you tour during this time of year. No matter how careful you are about resting and taking care of yourself when you are meeting hundreds of people every night you are just going to catch a bug sooner of later.

Today Taylor in particular had been feeling worse than just normal sick but with a short soundcheck and all the usual preporations he thought he would be able to power through it, but as soon as we got on stage he realised he had so much funk and junk in his throat that there was no way he could give all of you what you deserve and expect from a HANSON show.

We played a few songs and took a 5 min break from the stage and decided the best thing we could do was to re schedule the show. It killed all three of us walking away knowing we were disapointing fans, especialy after not playing Portland for more then 5 years, but we hated more playing a bad show, knowing between the three of us we were running at 50% vocal capacity.

We are going to reschedule the show so keep an eye out for that. Thank you to everyone who came out tonight.

p.s. We will also be canceling tomorrow’s show in Albany.”