LIVE: The New York Dolls @ SPAC, 7/23/11

August 9th, 2011, 12:30 pm by Greg

Too Little, Too Late…

The New York Dolls opened the show for Poison and Motley Crue at SPAC on a recent Saturday night. Those that know their rock history understand the door that the Dolls opened in the early ’70s, led to the success of hair metal bands like Crue and Poison in the late ’80s. Motley Crue acknowledged that debt – in the fashion of U2 to B.B. King or Keith Richards to Chuck Berry – by giving the Dolls a 40-minute, 7pm-start opening set as a token nod.

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Of course, gone are Johnny Thunders, Jerry Nolan and Arthur “Killer” Kane (RIP), leaving original members, David Johansen with his timeless vocal stylings and the affable Sylvain Sylvain Mizrahi on rhythm guitar, to carry on augmented by journeymen Earl Slick on lead guitar.

Time restraints allowed no more than one track from more recent releases – “Dance Like a Monkey” off 2006’s “One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This” and “Kids Like You” from this year’s “Dancing Backward in High Heels.” The current Dolls played what can best be described as a solid and competent micro-set, the bulk of which was culled from their seminal, groundbreaking ’70s albums on Mercury Records. A good show, in fact, a fine show. But the still-incendiary, re-formed New York Dolls that played for Morrissey’s Meltdown Festival in ‘04 did not show up in Saratoga.

Review by Matt Mac Haffie

Looking For a Kiss
Dance Like a Monkey
Because I Said So
Mystery Girls
Talk to Me Baby
Kids Like You
Personality Crisis

Set lists for Poison and Motley Crue (photos by Kirsten Ferguson)

Set lists for Motley Crue and Poison

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  1. J. Welf says:

    solid and competent micro-set = good wording. I would love to see the Dolls back here at Northern Lights or somewhere for a full set.

  2. Great synopsis of the show – point on!

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