LIVE: Teagan & the Tweeds @ Albany Tulip Fest, 5/7/11

May 13th, 2011, 2:00 pm by Greg

The kids are alright!

Hailing from parts west (just off the Rochester exit of the NYS Thruway), Teagan & the Tweeds took a double dip of Nippertown last Saturday. The six-piece blues-soaked rock outfit played more like a six shooter, pistol-hot at both the Tulip Fest by day and the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que by night.

There was a time when it was not uncommon for great bands from the east-west run of the Thruway to have a following all along Route 90. On any given weekend, you could see Blotto in Buffalo, the Flashcubes in Rochester, Talas in Syracuse, Fear of Strangers in Utica and the Works in Albany.

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If any band can bring back the Thruway circuit, it’s Teagan Ward and her Tweeds. Teagan belts out crazy-sexy-cool vocals from behind her Gibson Flying V, bringing to mind Grace Potter and our own Erin Harkes. Katy Wright’s organ playing is as good as I’ve seen in these parts in a long time – plus she sings great, doubles on guitar and pens killer original tunes. All that, and she sports some mean bangs, too.

Both the lead guitar of Lou Giglio and the slide guitar of Tommy Formicola are set on stun (as is Tommy’s new ‘stache). The in-the-pocket-and-then-some rhythm section is comprised of drummer Alfredo Encino and bassist Jeremy Stoner, who is also known to rock the tuba on select numbers.

All in all, they’re a no-weak-link combo with great original tunes and well-chosen covers, ranging from the Beatles to Grace Potter. Teagan & the Tweeds were the surprise hit of Tulip Fest and went on to win over a sparse Dino BBQ crowd, too, even inspiring a late-night encore. The crowds in their hometown Rochester and Syracuse are not so sparse, but I think Albany is up to the challenge of breaking in and supporting some fresh new blood! Teagan and the Tweeds – check ‘em out online and look for them to return soon!

Review by Matt Mac Haffie

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  1. Tim Olsen says:

    They Might Be Gypsies also played a very respectable set on Saturday at Tulipfest–I had to look twice to see how young their rhythm guitarist was!

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