Be Here Now: Euphorie @ EMPAC, 5/5/11

May 3rd, 2011, 4:00 pm by Sara

Euphorie @ EMPAC

These guys have updated something pretty simple in concept and put their own special stamp on it. Dueling neon guitars. With light show. Called Euphorie, it is a recent “add” to the Experimental Media Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at RPI. Not too many people beyond the university know about it, and there are only a few days to spread the word. The performance is coming right up, Thursday, May 5 at 8:00 pm. UPDATE: The performance of Euphorie has unfortunately been cancelled.

Light shows and music are nothing new, in fact they likely go back to May 15, 1749 when fireworks and illuminations were sponsored by His Grace the Duke of Richmond to accompany the music of George Frederic Handel. Three spectators died when one of the fireworks landed where it shouldn’t have. To this day, The Royal Fireworks Music is one of the most spectacular things you can bear witness to.

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It is also fascinating to see how Euphorie goes back to the fireworks and illuminations for its contemporary visuals.

In the mid 60′s and early 70′s “light shows” began to appear as part of the progressive music scene with as many as 70 projectors and 10 operators jiggling petri dishes of colored oil and water, and other devices trying to visually amplify the music on stage. Psychedelic drugs were often used to enhance the experience, since it tended to get monotonous without some sort of buzz on.

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