Hanging Out At Troy Night Out, 1/28/11

February 4th, 2011, 10:02 am by Sara

You’re not gonna let a little winter get in the way of a good arts walk, are ya?

Last Friday we headed out on a trek through the Collar City for the monthly Troy Night Out, and we had a wonderful time. After a pulled-pork ‘n’ brew nosh at the Dinosaur, we stopped into the Photography Center of the Capital District for the closing reception of “Daughters of Aspasia,” the luminous two-person exhibition by Jeri Eisenberg and Gail Nadeau:

Jeri Eisenberg: Sea Sky

Jeri Eisenberg: Sea Sky @ The Photography Center

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The walls on Debra Lockrow’s ArtCentric Gallery (now in its relatively new River Street location) were packed with some very intriguing paintings, drawings and photos, but there was some mighty practical stuff available, too:

Cold weather headgear at ArtCentric Gift Gallery

Cold weather headgear at ArtCentric Gift Gallery

The Arts Center of the Capital Region hosted an opening reception for several new exhibits: Andrea Hersh’s fascinating, semi-surreal “Flora & Fauna,” self-taught artist James Kennealy’s “Paintings” and the narrative art group show “Vignette,” curated by Nadine Wasserman:

Joel Griffith: Montgomery Street (Honda)

Joel Griffith: Montgomery Street (Honda) @ The Arts Center

And we finally wrapped up our Trojan journey with a stop at Jim Barrett’s River Street Beat Shop where we soaked up the acoustic blues sounds of Holly & Evan and chatted with a bunch of old friends that we hadn’t seen in a long time:

Holly And Evan

Holly And Evan performing at the River Street Beat Shop

South Troy Against The World

Ralph Renna's snappy sweatshirt

Yeah, Troy had it going on last Friday. But forget that Albany’s First Friday arts walk takes place from 5-9pm today. Lots to see. Lots to hear. Lots to do. So shake off your cabin fever and hit those streets…

7 thoughts on “Hanging Out At Troy Night Out, 1/28/11”

  1. Funny, we did a flip: I hit up all of the spots you mentioned (including the Beat Shop) while you were at Dinosaur, then headed over there for a belated birthday dinner with friends. It’s like you’re Bizarro Kevin Marshall!

    And man I loved those Joel Griffith paintings.

  2. Greg says:

    Hmmmm… Bizarro Kevin Marshall – great band name!

  3. Evan Conway says:

    Kevin, you need to be more like Bizarro Kevin… See what you missed? We got to jam with Bob. You can tell, because he was in the same key and everything: F!

    Thank you once again, Bizarro Kevin… err… Greg and Sara, for visiting us. And a special thanks to Sara for snapping this perfectly timed pic!

  4. Evan – I totally intended to go back and see you guys, but the wait at Dinosaur was RIDICULOUS! We waited two hours for a table; by the time we got out of dinner, you guys had most likely already peaced out.

  5. If Troy Night Out is not the center of the Universe… then it’s only one or two light years away from it.

    Be sure to update yourself with all the latest action in store for you at: http://www.troynightout.org

    Holly & Evan are the perfect troubadours — heartfelt original music that captures what it’s like, here and now, in the contentious, frustrating but inspiring world of today.

  6. AND we should mention they’re on the bill with Alta Mira and others on the 18th at Valentine’s!

  7. Mike H says:

    Checked out some of the music Holly & Evan have online at their facebook page just last night, very good stuff.

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