Happy Birthday, Dave Clark

December 15th, 2010, 9:54 am by Greg

Looking back at it now, it’s nearly impossible to believe that there were serious arguments about who was the better band: the Beatles or the Dave Clark Five.

While the Beatles have gone on to become, well, the iconic Beatles, the legacy of the Dave Clark Five has been reduced to little more than footnote in rock and roll history. Even British Invasion bands like Herman’s Hermits are better known to contemporary rock audiences than the Dave Clark Five.

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Too bad. Here’s to you, Dave. Happy 68th birthday, and keep on stompin’…

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Dave Clark”

  1. Andy M. says:

    Quite possibly the only drummer who was also the front man and lead singer of a major pop group! Dave was the first to put the drums in front of the rest of the band. I like that idea…

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