Best Jazz Albums of 2010: A Blog Supreme

December 7th, 2010, 5:07 pm by Greg

Here’s a rundown on the best albums of the year from the jazz world, as determined by National Public Radio’s Patrick Jarenwattananon on his blog, A Blog Supreme:

1. Jason Moran’s “Ten”
2. Guillermo Klein’s “Domador De Huellas”
3. Steve Coleman And Five Elements’ “Harvesting Semblances And Affinities”
4. Bill Carrothers’ “Joy Spring”
5. Maurice Brown’s “The Cycle Of Love”
6. The Mary Halvorson Quintet’s “Saturn Sings”
7. Geri Allen’s “Flying Toward The Sound”
8. Fight the Big Bull featuring Steven Bernstein’s “All Is Gladness in the Kingdom”
9. Chris Lightcap’s Bigmouth’s “Deluxe”
10. Mike Reed’s People, Places And Things’ “Stories And Negotiations”

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One thought on “Best Jazz Albums of 2010: A Blog Supreme”

  1. J Hunter says:

    The marvelous thing about jazz is you can get ten people in a room, ask them to come up with a Top 10 Jazz Albums list for that year, and they’ll give you ten completely different lists. Hopefully we’ll have something to link to in a day or two. :)

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