Beatles on iTunes…

November 26th, 2010, 9:31 am by Greg

Verrrry interesting, as Artie Johnson used to say on “Laugh In.”

There was the expected media-mania, hoopla-hype surrounding the release of the Beatles catalog on iTunes last week. OMG! OMG! The Beatles on iTunes! I can’t wait!

And there was the expected backlash, too. Ah, who cares? Doesn’t everybody in the universe already own very little bit of Beatle music that they want?

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Apparently not. In the first week of sales, the Beatles sold 450,000 albums plus 2 million individual downloads worldwide (1.4 million individual downloads in the U.S. alone.)

“Abbey Road” was the best-selling album. And “Here Comes the Sun” was the best-selling song in the U.S.