Two New Shows @ The Center for Photography at Woodstock

November 18th, 2010, 5:15 pm by Sara
Gary Hill: Wall Piece

Gary Hill: Wall Piece

Two new shows have opened at The Center for Photography at Woodstock this week.

“The Frustration of Expression” centers around Gary Hill’s “Wall Piece,” a multifaceted installation which features the artist hurtling himself against a wall, uttering a single word from a prepared monologue. With each impact a strobe flashes, both complicating and articulating the moment Hill simultaneously hits the wall and utters a word.

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Curated by Dorota Czerner, the group exhibition also features newly commissioned video installations by Marilla Abrahamsen, Will Lytle, Anthony Morelli, Kaela Smith and Taima Smith both in response to Hill’s work and focused on addressing “the frustration of expression,” particularly in connection to having grown up in Woodstock.

Also newly opened is “Piranesi”, a solo exhibition by Brookyn-based artist Lothar Osterburg, who uses photogravure, an intensive photographic process known for producing rich blacks and infinite grays through printmaking. In an homage to the etchings of Giovanni Batista Piranesi, Osterburg builds the subterranean atmospheres that Giovanni Batista Piranesi was moved by, bringing his own experiences and memories into these created worlds. Using found materials like string, paper, twigs, and soap, the models have a dreamlike quality, shot through a magnifying glass or macro lens to add limited depth of field and enhanced by the cameras placement within their miniature trappings.

Also on view will be Osterburg’s collaborative stop-action video on the construction of “Piranesi,” accompanied with music by award-winning composer Elizabeth Brown.

An opening reception for both shows is slated for Saturday, November 20, from 4-6pm with a panel talk with Gary Hill and exhibition artists at 2:30pm and an informal artist talk by Lothar Osterburg at 5pm. The exhibits runs through December 23.

Lothar Osterburg: Piranesi

Lothar Osterburg: Piranesi