Bruce Hallenbeck’s “Cannibal Church”

October 27th, 2010, 1:01 pm by Greg

All this week, is celebrating the haunted Halloween season. Here’s the first of our three-part offering for today…

Yes, vampires are all the rage these days. Books, movies, TV shows, etc. – they’re all about the blood-sucking’ Undead.

Apparently, back in back 1983, Nippertown’s premiere horror film auteur Bruce Hallenbeck – who was at the time a film critic for Metroland and the public access television show “Real George’s Backroom” – was way ahead of the curve. He was just finding his footing as a pro neck-biting filmmaker in 1983, when he shot his first 16mm footage for what he hoped would be his feature length debut, “Cannibal Church.” He wrangled a number of Nippertown’s rock elite as his actors, including Kevin Bartlett, Jim Furlong and Sarge Blotto. Alas, the original film was never completed, but the script was re-worked with a new cast and eventually saw the light of day – ARRRGH! – as “Grave’s End.”

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But as a special Halloween season presentation, has unearthed some of Hallenbeck’s original “Cannibal Church” footage, which was broadcast back in the mid-’80s on “Real George’s Backroom.” Stay tuned for two more installments of “Cannibal Church” later today on, and be warned – this vintage scary stuff is not for the faint of heart (and NSFW):

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6 thoughts on “Bruce Hallenbeck’s “Cannibal Church””

  1. kevin bartlett says:

    OH MY GOD !! If I wasn’t already “dead” you should kill me.
    I actually have this footage, but it’s way too scary to watch and I don’t mean cause it’s a horror film.
    The scariest thing is that my keyboard playing is still just as bad, but I’ve managed to get the over-acting under control.
    Hey where’s the Sarge death scene ????? I have that !!!!!
    Cheers and Love

  2. Greg says:

    Oh, it’s coming, Kevin. It’s coming…

  3. Greg says:

    PS – Kevin, I can’t kill you. You’re the undead. Remember?

  4. This all just sounds so very…”od” Now, where is my RPI tape of that…

  5. LiLi says:

    That’s SO bad it makes “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park” look Oscar-worthy.

  6. Bowtie says:

    Kevin – you coulda KILLED in Rocky Horror! You missed your true calling.

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