Live: The Psychedelic Furs @ the Bearsville Theater, 10/15/10

October 19th, 2010, 5:01 pm by Greg

The Psychedelic Furs @ Bearsville Theater, Woodstock

“Talk Talk Talk” …revisited.

From the looks of the Bearsville Theater depicted on their website, you would think it was the “Our Gang” barn. Come to discover it has well laid-out bar and inviting, open, live room with its stage cut into the wall. It felt like the Psychedelic Furs playing your high school dance.

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Richard Butler and crew hit the stage all clad in black and ready to rip through a compelling head-to-tail re-telling of their classic 1985 album, “Talk Talk Talk.” The fact that this was one of just two stateside dates only added to the excitement. I seldom use the word awesome to describe anything, but this was awesome!

Richard’s bag of trick stage moves – the wrist draped over the mic being a favorite, although some prefer the air slap or the turntable spin – delighted all. And oh that voice. To hear that voice reignite the best part of the ’80s – “Pretty in Pink,” “No Tears” and “Into You Like a Train” – well, the audience was just lit up by the sheer joy of it all.

The second set was announced as mix of your favorites and theirs. Pop gems like “Love My Way” and “Heaven” were sandwiched between the opening and closing salvo of such dark, atmospheric numbers as the lead-off “Sister Europe” and the encore of “India.” More of that voice, more of those showman moves, more Richard Butler… That man is just so damn cool.

The Furs line-up included charter member Tim Butler on bass; Paul Garisto on drums; Mars Williams (of ’84’s “Mirror Moves” and ’87’s “Midnight to Midnight”) wailing on sax again; and young gun Rich Good on guitar and none too shabby backing vocals. I was delighted to see my friend Amanda Kramer – formerly of Information Society and Natalie Merchant fame – enlisted to add her keyboard magic to the Furs’ 2010 line-up.

Well worth the trip to Woodstock, nor’easter be damned.

Review and photographs by Matt Mac Haffie

Richard Butler

The Psychedelic Furs set list

7 thoughts on “Live: The Psychedelic Furs @ the Bearsville Theater, 10/15/10”

  1. Norman says:

    No John Ashton? (no relation)

  2. Matt Mac Haffie says:

    No Normy Star Star, it was the aforementioned young gun on the six string whack attack!

  3. MaryEllen says:

    Kudos to Matt on the Fur’s article, its nice to keep tract of what this vintage group is up to these days….they looked good as ever & the pictures were Fur-licious!!!

  4. Bryan says:

    Great review. “To hear that voice reignite the best part of the ’80s…” Describes the experience perfectly. Wish I could go back and see it again. Oh well, pictures will have to do.

  5. Jo says:

    *pounds head on wall* why did I not go? Good article Matt!

  6. Nice job, Matt. Thanks for the vicarious thrill. That man is, indeed, just so damn cool.

  7. Matty Face says:

    I heart Matt Mac Haffie.

    And the Psychodelic Fu-u-uhs.

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