Jammin’ With Jerry

September 21st, 2010, 10:57 am by Greg

Jerry Marotta

Jerry Marotta

Jerry Marotta isn’t a big name rock star, but if you’re one of those people who spends hours pouring over the fine-print credits in CD booklets or on the back of vinyl albums, you’ve surely come across his name. Probably a whole bunch of times. He’s a master drummer and an A-list studio musician.

Here’s a short list of just some of the people that have played with Marotta over the years:

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Peter Gabriel
Robert Fripp
Carlene Carter
Hall & Oates
Carly Simon
Joan Armatrading
T Bone Burnett
Marshall Crenshaw
Rick Springfield
Tears for Fears
Paul McCartney
Stevie Nicks
Elvis Costello
Los Lobos
Indigo Girls
Sarah McLachlan
Chris Botti
Ron Sexsmith
Ani DiFranco
John Mayer
Ronnie Spector
Lisa Germano
Robbie Robertson

Well, OK, maybe you haven’t actually played with Jerry Marotta… yet. But you can.

On Wednesday afternoon, Marotta will be setting up his drum kit under the State Quad archway on the UAlbany campus. Then at about 3pm, he’ll lead an open percussion jam session, and he’ll be playing with anyone who wants to come and join him.

While Marotta will be bringing along some percussion instruments for people to play, there may not be enough to go around, so please bring your own drums, tambourines, shakers or whatever – if you’ve got ’em.

And, yes, it’s all free.

The event is sponsored by University Auxiliary Services at Albany.

3 thoughts on “Jammin’ With Jerry”

  1. Ted Potrikus says:

    Jerry Marotta? You pegged it — one of THE best drummers out there. Musical, powerful, dynamic. I may have to blow off work to take this one in!

  2. Greg says:

    Yeah! Bring yer bongos, Ted!

  3. J Hunter says:

    Why do these things happen when I’m handcuffed to a desk — and not in a good way?!

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