Happy Birthday, Andy Warhol

August 6th, 2010, 11:29 am by Greg

Today we are celebrating the 82nd anniversary of the birth of Andy Warhol, artistic and marketing genius:

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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Andy Warhol”

  1. Scott C. says:

    I was just thinking about what to have for lunch today, and this decided it. Campbell’s Soup it is! Probably should take some Brillo to those dirty pots and pans while I’m at it. Happy birthday, Andy, and to my pal Dana, too!

  2. Dionysus says:

    About a minute into this, I figured out the joke was on me if I stayed for the other 3:30. Vintage Warhol. How does it end, with the hamburger consumed, or the viewer?

  3. Ed says:

    You didn’t watch! Ah man. He talks! Put it in the time capsule.

  4. Alan G. says:

    BK gets a much-needed plug! Bon Apetit Andy!

  5. Lars says:

    i just finished eating my turkey sandwich for breakfast while watching.
    it’s almost like we had lunch together.
    not much of a conversationalist though.

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