Giant Solar Flares to Slam the Earth Tonight!!

August 3rd, 2010, 10:01 am by Sara

Dogs in tin foil hats

Two days ago, the sun erupted in a frenzy of activity and launched a couple of solar flares straight towards the earth. They should be arriving any moment, so keep your eye on the northern sky – it’s possible we may be able to see auroras tonight.

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4 thoughts on “Giant Solar Flares to Slam the Earth Tonight!!”

  1. LP says:

    Those poor nipperdoggies…. what they won’t put up with

  2. Sara says:

    They get paid their modelling fees in doggie biscuits. I don’t think you’ll hear them complain.

  3. Andy M. says:

    More album cover wars!

  4. LiLi says:

    But the look on their faces says those biscuits better be the good stuff for this.

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