A Big Thank You to Metroland Readers

March 4th, 2010, 12:40 pm by Greg

We are No. 3!
We are No. 3!
We are No. 3!

We’ve uncorked the champagne, and the bubbly is flowing in celebration of the results of the Metroland Readers’ Poll in today’s issue of the weekly.

Metroland readers voted Nippertown.com as the third Best Local Arts Web Site, just behind our friends at All Over Albany and Metroland.

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And we’re even prouder of the results in the Best Local Arts Coverage category, where we were competing against the Big Boys of Print – Metroland and The Times Union – and grabbed third place again.

So thank you, astute and discerning Metroland readers, for showing us some love. And we promise to do all that we can to make Nippertown.com your go-to click-to for area music, arts and entertainment info.

Next year – No. 2!

4 thoughts on “A Big Thank You to Metroland Readers”

  1. Chris says:

    Weird – I don’t quite get how you didn’t place in the best local site/music category. But congratulations on the others.

  2. Luther Hamilton says:

    Screw #2!!! Next year #1… Spread the word.. as far as Arts/Entertainment goes it’s Nippertown! “Tell Chuck Berry the news”!

  3. Andy Gregory says:

    I frankly thought Nippertown would have nailed #2, possibly even #1. Next year it will be #1! N-Town is a great resource for all the local arts, not just music. There’s another site doing that (ahem)…

  4. Kathy, Ed and Evan says:

    Nippertown.com is my first place to go regarding arts and entertainment in the Capital District. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are #1 already – no poll necessary ;-) Thank You for the services you provide! See you out at the shows!

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