Odds & Ends @ The End Of The Week

February 19th, 2010, 3:00 pm by Sara

“Our objective is simple. We’re men. Men who like cupcakes. Not the frilly pink-frosted sprinkles -and-unicorns kind of cupcakes. We make manly cupcakes. For manly men.

Can’t. Stop. Looking.

Fail Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos

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The latest 20 photos posted to LiveJournal (possibly NSFW)

Pingwire – an almost real-time twitter photo feed (possibly NSFW)

CONCERT UPDATE: Australian singer-songwriter Anthony Snape has been added as the last-minute opening act for Tommy Emmanuel at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall in Troy at 8pm Saturday.

Legendary animator Ralph Bakshi gives an inspirational rant at the San Diego Comic Con. He’s addressing the grassroots opportunities to be found amid the collapsing animation industry, but his words resonate for artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, hey, even for us here at Nippertown.com: