LIVE: Hi8us & Lynch Rock the River

July 10th, 2009, 10:31 am by Greg

Shannon Lynch, tenor sax and vocals

Shannon Lynch, tenor sax and vocals

Here’s Matthew Mac Haffie’s through-the-camera-lens view of Troy’s Rockin’ on the River show featuring Hi8us and Lynch on Wednesday, July 8.

Says Matt:

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“This show was poorly attended – mind you, it did rain in spurts, or it may have be a weak headliner.

Lynch – whose members include Terry and Shannon Lynch of Conehead Buddha and Jim Loughlin of moe. – were terrific. Their horn band Sabbath cover of ‘The Wizard’ is not be missed.

Hi8us of Boston? Children of a lesser Jamiroquai.”



Jim Chekos of  Hi8us

Jim Chekos of Hi8us

Mike Rakusin of Hi8tus

Mike Rakusin of Hi8us